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Eco Products® is a privately owned Sri Lankan manufacture; (Member of the National Crafts Council), specialized in making environment friendly promotional items. Most products are hand-made according to customers’ requirements, with customer specified logos and captions. Our main products are various types of bags, i.e. Shopping Bags, Hand Bags, Tote Bags, Conference Bags, File Bags, Sling Bags, Pump Bags, Monk Bags & Pouches. We also make stationary items such as, Note-pads, Books, Dockets, Folders, Handmade Boxes, etc. Raw materials we used are Jute, Cotton, Hemp, Coir, Cane and paper. We have specialized in traditional Sri Lankan dyeing using plants extracts and herbs.  All products are Eco friendly & biodegradable and manufactured under Highest Quality Standards!

One of the most popular product of ours is the recreated version of the Monk Bag.  This can be produced in various colours and prints. Monk Bag is a popular Conference Bag and used by many UN agencies & government institutes. It’s believed to be that this bag was designed during the period of Lord Buddha, some 2500 years ago.


Environment friendly promotionalk items